• Part 2: How I can have an impact?

    So we sat in Soma Cafe on a hot, sticky day in Kathmandu, Nepal.  Our one year old daughter Abyala ran around with her boundless energy as one of us toddled after her.  Eventually she decided to hang out with us and drink a banana lassi.  It afforded a precious fifteen minutes of day dreaming together.  One of our favorite pastimes.   We dreamt about creating a business. One that would provide physical and spiritual hope.  A business that would loose the chains of injustice.


    We thought about the businesses that inspire us most like Beauty for Ashes Nepal who provides employment and Christian discipleship to women coming from difficult backgrounds.  How could we further their mission and enable them to impact more lives?  Ideas were flying around in our heads, and finally Phil landed one.  Connections!  What if we started a business that impacted lives on both sides of the sea.  Connecting what is happening here in Nepal at Beauty for Ashes to our friends around the world who sincerely want to help. Just then...Trade for Freedom was born. A business that would sell beautiful, handmade items from all around the world, which are sourced from artisans and manufacturers providing both dignifying employment and Christian discipleship.


    Trade for Freedom provides an outlet for individuals, churches and businesses to become part of a revolution to ethically employ women and men around the world. We work exclusively with manufacturers in developing world countries who in addition to paying fair wages and ensuring safe working conditions, provide benefits such as health care, savings plans, literacy classes, counseling, and Christian discipleship.


    If you would like to have an impact today, visit our website and join us in fostering dignity, freedom and hope for tomorrow.

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