• Modern Slavery: Nepal Ranks 5th

    Where does Nepal rank in terms of modern slavery?  It ranks 5th according to the Walk Free Foundation.  Trade for Freedom works directly to change Freedom, Dignity, and Hope for tomorrow.


    Modern Slavery is Defined as: 


    Modern slavery takes many forms, and is known by many names: slavery, forced labour or human trafficking.

    - ‘Slavery’ refers to the condition of treating another person as if they were property – something to be bought, sold, traded or even destroyed.

    - ‘Forced labour’ is a related but not identical concept, referring to work taken without consent, by threats or coercion.

    - ‘Human trafficking’ is another related concept, referring to the process through which people are brought, through deception, threats or coercion, into slavery, forced labour or other forms of severe exploitation.

    Whatever term is used, the significant characteristic of all forms of modern slavery is that it involves one person depriving another people of their freedom: their freedom to leave one job for another, their freedom to leave one workplace for another, their freedom to control their own body.

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