• Gifting FREEDOM

    You can't tell by her hands. 
    As you see her hands working the beads onto the thread, you can't see the darkness her hands have had to live through. You can't see that these beads have set her free, because the beads mean income and the beads mean Christian discipleship. The beads mean her life is set free.
    Beauty for Ashes Nepal is working every day to set these hands and several other sets of hands free from sex trafficking and to provide safety to those who are at-risk for becoming a statistic.  When you live in a country that ranks fifth in the world for the population entrapped in sex trafficking per capita, someone needs to provide hope.
    This Christmas, Trade for Freedom is partnering with Beauty for Ashes Nepal to help be that hope. These beautiful hands are crafting an exclusive jewelry line and working themselves into a future that has light and life.
    Will you join with us?
    Will you join with us to gift freedom?
    One hundred jewelry subscriptions sold means 5 new women will be employed and become discipled next year. 
    And the beautiful hope that they weave into each design will be delivered to your home, or the home of someone you love, each month, reminding you that we can change the world and that we can be part of the hope. 
    We must be that hope. Because each year more than 10,000 women and girls are trafficked from Nepal into the international sex trade, to be prostituted in brothels, in India and increasingly around the world.  
    This Christmas, join us in gifting freedom.
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