• Because of you :: girls are protected



    Because of you girls are protected.  You bought a Christmas dress for your little girl and purchased protection for a little one in Nepal.  The profits from the Christmas dress sales contributed to sponsoring a Daughter Project which teaches Nepali girls about building character, protecting themselves and others from trafficking or abuse, in addition to helping them prepare for their future.  


    You also provided a new training opportunity and Christian discipleship to two new Nepali women!  This is invaluable in a society where jobs are scarce and needs are extreme. However, FREE goes beyond simply providing a job to their employees.  They provide a benefits package and a healthy, peaceful work environment.  In Nepal, it is normal to work excessively long hours for less than $2/day.  It is normal to have no safety nets for healthcare.  It is normal to work in a factory that doesn't adhere to safety standards.  Because everyone needs a job, and you're willing to do what you must to provide for your family.  But you have given these women a safe, dignifying way to provide for their children.  You have given them hope and future.  You have given them freedom.
    So thank you once again!  
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