• Intentionality :: Purpose

    In four months I'll be 30. Rapidly approaching what once felt like a mature age, I'm finding myself making decisions differently because maybe I haven't made them right before?

    Or maybe 30 really does bring maturity and my eyes see things in the world I didn't see before?

    Things like where my money goes and where my heart is in that and what good my money could do.

    Maybe my 29 years so far are teaching me something about intentionality, and seeing every decision as a way to change the world?

    Because my $10 for that Christmas gift could go into the register that doesn't really actually need my $10. Or I could let that $10 be used to bring hope, and provide meaning, and bring light into darkness. And then when that $10 bracelet is unwrapped and worn while my sister takes care of her babies all day, she'll be reminded that her life has intention, and purpose, and that she can spread hope too.

    By Larissa Murphy

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