• Share LOVE with her


    Every heart that knows love harvests hope

    This February, a small act of love will bring glimpses of hope to the beautiful hands that thread the beads and sew the sari you adore. With your words, you can show these hands and this soul that your love is with her.

    This Valentine's Day, we're collecting your kind words, to be hand-delivered to the Nepali women, your friends, who craft the products you adore. We will hand write each message, carving your words into the paper that will carve a place into their hearts for you to live.

    Your message will be translated so that your words will enter into her heart language.

    Your name will be etched on the bottom, reminding her that someone befriends and loves her.

    Your words will help to bring our mission past the sales, past the marketplace, and into the most sacred passageways to these women's lives - their hearts. No purchase, just words.

    Will you join us?  Here's how...

    Share your love and let it impact her life today!

    Author:  Larissa Murphy

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