• What you "can" do

    What do you do when the quake comes.... a massive, earth altering quake that makes more than 7,000 hearts stop beating and buries entire villages?

    How does your own heart keep beating when you sleep on the broken concrete sidewalk  outside your house from fear of after shocks and you know that not everyone is safe, not everyone has food, and not everyone has hope?

    What do you do from afar as the images pour into your heart and the distance is so wide that the work you could do feels so small?

    You do what you can do.

    And sometimes the "cans" mean biking miles to the base of the mountain and then hiking yet more to reach the unreached, giving rice and water.

    Maybe the "cans" mean hiring 20 new women because disasters make people more vulnerable to trafficking (see IJM below). That "can" means a job which means money for food and water and shelter reasons not to give up hope. 

    Yet for others the "cans" are as simple as buying and wearing a bracket that gives work to those 20 new women and those who have made the jewelry before who need to bring restoration to themselves and to their families.

    You do what you can do.

    You live no matter where you find yourself and you let your "cans" change the world.

    Author:  Larissa Murphy

    Click here to buy a HOPE bracelet :

    All proceeds go directly to employing women recovering from Nepal's tragic earthquake.

    IJM article:

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