• HOPE is lingering

    You have responded.  God is at work through you.  Together, we are rebuilding lives.

    It has been 3 months since the earthquake in Nepal.  Last night, another strong tremor jolted children and parents out of bed in fear.  Today, it lingers.  The thought of another big quake.  Everyone is grasping for a renewed sense of comfort, safety, and peace. For HOPE.

    Gratefully, because of you, HOPE is lingering as well.  Your purchases create and sustain jobs for nearly 50 women in Nepal.  Their jobs provide them with hope.  Hope that they will have the money to rebuild.  That they will have a community of strong Nepali women by their side encouraging them daily.  That Christ will provide.

    Twenty new women were hired after the first big quake and Trade for Freedom has been able to play an integral role in keeping them employed through your purchases, your parties, and your advocacy.  

    You are not only rebuilding lives that have been broken during the earthquake.  You are rebuilding lives that have endured unspeakable hardships for decades.  Where once a woman experienced shame, now she can experience honor.  Where once she felt worthless, now she knows that she's God's splendor.  Her job not only gives her honor in her society, it reminds her of God's great love for her.  Every day.

    Thank you for rebuilding lives with us.  Your purchases have enabled nearly 50 women to be employed and discipled in the love of Jesus Christ!

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