• How does my purchase create jobs?

    Every Trade for Freedom purchase provides ethical employment and Christian discipleship to women who have endured extremely difficult circumstances.  But how?  Here is the basic formula: 

    Purchases = Job Creation and Sustainability
    We are a social business who partners with other like-hearted social businesses.  We are not a non-profit organization that is financed through donations.  Rather, our budget is fed from sales revenue and we measure success by lives impacted.

    We cannot impact lives without the opportunity to provide employment.  When our partners employ a woman she earns more than an ethical income and benefits, she becomes part of a family.  When she walks through the door every morning, she is enveloped by love, support, and the presence of Christ.  All which have the potential to impact her life.  Giving her freedom, dignity and hope.

    Employment stems from sales.  Our partners are committed to giving each woman meaningful work.  Women are hired based upon demand for the product she creates.  Demand is created by sales.  So, each woman learns a trade of which she can be proud.  She knows her work is quality as demand for her handmade products increase.  This culminates a healthy sense of self-worth.  She's not receiving a handout.  She's respectfully earning a living.  Dignity manifests itself there.

    Sales are generated from Your purchases.  YOU are an integral part of the equation.  You have the purchasing power to create demand for her handmade products.  By purchasing her products, you've contributed towards sustaining her job.  Trade for Freedom works hard to design products with our partners that are beautiful.  It's important to us that you not only purchase an item because you want to support her, but also because you love it!  

    New jobs are created through increased sales.  In order to sustain employment for women in Nepal, purchases of the merchandise they handmake must persist.  But, in order to grow employment opportunities for  women in Nepal, purchases must increase.  That's why Trade for Freedom is hiring Advocates and recruiting Hostesses* to not only help sell product, but to help their friends and family become part of this transformational process.  It's a privilege to impact her life!  

    By purchasing Trade for Freedom products, you are giving these women a job that is dignifying, pays a fair wage with benefits, and provides a community of strong Nepali women around her to support her through life's ongoing trials.   Her job also introduces her to the love of Jesus Christ through daily devotions and prayer. 

    YOU are creating and sustaining jobs and enabling Christian discipleship, our friends!  Simply by making purchases of products you love.  You are making a difference in the lives of these Nepali women and their families.  

    Thank you for partnering with us to bring freedom, dignity and hope to those who need it most!  


    *For more information about how you can be involved in impacting these women's lives through Hosting a Party or Becoming an Advocate, contact Mat and Becky Zellars:

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