• How does Trade for Freedom employ?

    Trade for Freedom partners with social businesses that employ the most vulnerable and disciple them in the love of Jesus Christ.  Our partners employ and provide Christian discipleship to women who are survivors of tremendously difficult circumstances such as human trafficking and extreme poverty.  Trade for Freedom enables their employment by purchasing and re-selling the high quality, handmade merchandise they craft.

    After volunteering for one of our partners for more than a year, it was evident that a massive challenge for social businesses operating in third world countries was finding and managing new customers - specifically, new distribution channels.  It takes an unquantifiable amount of time, wisdom, and energy to manage an ethical manufacturing company in a less developed country.  

    Daily, they face the challenges of complying to (or fighting) corrupt government standards, caring for the needs of their staff who continue to battle extremely difficult circumstances, and haggling local merchants to purchase raw materials at a fair price then loading as much as they can on the back of a motorcycle to bring it back to the office - praying not to get in an accident on the perilous roads along the way.  This isn't even the tip of the iceberg.  And these are only the local challenges. After facing this craziness, they have little bandwidth left to pursue international clients for selling their beautiful merchandise.  So their products become a diamond in the ruff.  Beautiful when found, but hard to discover.  And the employment opportunities they can offer are limited to the sales they can generate.  So increasing impact can be challenging.

    Trade for Freedom was birthed to support these social businesses who are ethically employing their women and discipling them in the love of Christ.  We seek out new clients and open up international distribution channels for them.  We assume the marketing and logistical challenge of selling their products.  We make bulk purchases that provide the capital our social businesses need to not only sustain employment, but to increase employment opportunities to those who need it most.

    We are able to do this because of you -- a conscientious, compassionate consumer who wants to impact lives with your purchases.  If it weren't for your purchases, for your care, Trade for Freedom wouldn't be able to continue buying products from our partners.  Purchases that employ.  Impacting lives.  With freedom, dignity, and hope!


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