Our Mission

Trade for Freedom exists to give freedom, dignity, and hope to those who need it most. We partner with businesses that employ the most vulnerable and disciple them in the love of Jesus Christ. We offer compassionate consumers the opportunity to help transform lives through the purchase of goods hand-crafted by women benefiting from these socially responsible businesses.

Here's a short video clip that offers a closer glimpse into who we are:

We know we are not alone in this endeavor, both in Western countries and those less developed, people are working passionately to make a difference.  

Trade for Freedom makes it easier for you to have an impact by offering a marketplace for merchandise that gives and promotes freedom.

All Trade for Freedom purchases ensure dignifying employment and Christian discipleship is provided to women who have endured difficult circumstances.  Profits are invested in social businesses committed to freedom, worldwide.

 Join us in this cause today and set someone free!